Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fertile Ground

When I planted my flower bed this year, I prepped my soil well. I planted flower seeds, and had the ideal light, a good fertilizer and watered just the right amount. I ended up with many more flowers and plants than I was supposed to have and they got much taller than they were supposed to. My flower garden thrived because it had everything it needed from the ground up to do it's very best.

Had I just thrown my seeds onto the ground this would not have happened. The ground had to be broken and nourished. Just like the soil, we have to be broken up and cultivated by God in order to be fertile ground for His seeds to grow in.

I can see this to be true in my own life. It wasn't until I invited God into my mess and opened my heart widely to Him that He was able to do good work in me. In order for my faith to become deeply rooted, I had to be broken and open; for me that didn't come until I was ready. He could only go as deep as I let Him! Oh how I wish I had realized this sooner!

This soul, now so fertile, became so ready for what God had for me. I remember saying that I felt like I had a direct line to God. Do you ever feel that way? I want you to. I want you to know that you have nothing that you need to hide from God, nothing that will make Him leave you or love you less- nothing.

Once one lets Him in, they will never be the same again. His love is so moving and transforming. To be able to feel it and know it deep inside, you have to let Him deep inside. I know I had such a hard time trusting, that it was hard to trust Him fully, but I am so glad I did! Now there is no turning back for me! God's unconditional, agape love is nothing like human love. He is faithful without fault. Full of mercy and grace, He will add unique and lasting beauty to your garden.

Are you ready? Do you have fertile ground? Do you have ears that can hear? Can your heart comprehend? I pray that you are willing and ready for all that our God has for you!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jesus Take The Wheel

Those of us who like country music and Carrie Underwood may be familiar with her song "Jesus Take The Wheel." Like many country songs, it tells a story; this one of surrender to Jesus when a young woman has lost control of her car on black ice. The song talks about how she had a hard year, a lot on her mind and was low on faith. It doesn't sound like she surrendered until she had to, does it?

Well when my pain hits like a bolt of lightening, and I can't get comfortable, surrender is the last thing on my mind too. When medication isn't stabilizing the problem at hand, letting go isn't something I really think about, what about you? And then when other issues surface on top of the symptoms of my chronic illnesses, my tendencies are to try to get control, not to surrender it.

So then, how many times do we wait to completely surrender until we're desperate? How many times do we halfheartedly surrender only to take everything back again? I know what my answers to those questions are. I'm not proud of them either. 

Why is it such a struggle to surrender one's life to God? The answer that comes to me is the fear of the unknown. What will I have to go through to get to where He is taking me? 

The crazy part is that He has never let me down, not once. He doesn't give me everything I want, but God gives me everything I need- always! He always stands on His promises. He is always with me, I am never alone. When I look back I can see He has made something beautiful out of everything that has happened in my life- and you know what? A lot has happened in my life. I guess that is good reason to trust Him completely. Trust may be hard for me, and it may be hard for you- but we're talking about God, not people. 

So maybe now it's time- to let go and let Jesus take the wheel!

He "causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Through the "things" in life, He molds and makes us into "the image of His Son" Rom. 8:28-29