Saturday, August 27, 2016

What If?

How many people have turned back to the past with sadness saying what if this had been different or what if I had done that differently? It is so easy and most likely within our own human nature to do that. When one has a chronic illness we miss the person we used to be. I sometimes miss the things I could do before that I can't do anymore. It is natural to revisit grieving the losses we have faced. I really miss ballroom dancing and hiking.

Some of us can get stuck in the past and the sadness of losing those parts of ourselves. "What if" can be a dangerous phrase. "What if" can also be a remarkably helpful phrase too. When it comes to Christ our what ifs are endless!

What if God were to lead you to a different but better place than before? What if one day he decided to restore part or all of what you lost? With Him, anything is possible. Do you believe that? It's true! What if you started trusting God that He has a grand purpose for your life as you are right now? What if you were to count the blessings you have each day and look for the good, instead of focusing on the past and what has been lost?

So much of one's life isn't about what we have as much as what we do with what we have; in otherwords the perspective we have. This is one thing each of us has a choice about. For those who have been stuck in grieving the losses it may take some practice, but any of us can choose to focus on the positives in our lives and thank God for what we still have, which many would give their right arm for.

We can look up at those who have more, or look down at those who have less. There are many who have less. There is an evangelist named Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms or legs but chose joy in his life. You can look him up on You Tube under "Life Without Limbs," he is quite inspiring. He chose to make the best of what he has, and he is married with a child, and gives his life to bring others to Jesus.

So "What if" your best is yet to come?