Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Light In My Darkness

When we keep struggling, it can be like being stuck in a dark, black pit. With Jesus, there is always light.

When You're the light in my darkness
And my eyes are Yours
I see what You want me to see
Which leads to so much more                                                   When You're the light in my darkness
And my feet are yours
You lead me the right direction
To what You have in store    
                                You light up the things Inside of me
I couldn't see before
When Your light burns
Deep within
I feel safe and warm
                                      When You're the light in the darkness         My heart is Yours
Open wide for You to shine inside
Even where light's
not been before

You are the light in my darkness
And I'm never alone
You shine Your light for me to see
Leading the way home

Kimberly Burnette

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In The Quiet Stillness

In the quiet stillness, my breathing slows and quiets as I become more conscious of everything around me. Creation's wonders astound as small blessings become so apparent. As layers of all that overwhelms are peeled away, a simple peace enfolds and the realization that balance is so easily lost. The importance of slowing down, taking time each day for the things that feed my personal relationship with the Lord, and being fully intentional are clear to see. Reestablishing the habits of prayer journaling daily, scripture writing a couple of times a day, and spending considerably more time with my God make a difference almost immediately. Once again, that still small voice has returned and my heart feels full.

It is so easy to get caught up in the world. We look for other people and things to make us feel better. Social media and television provide escapes from reality. We look to others to fill the voids and make things better too often. Sometimes we ask others to pray for us, but we leave out going to God and talking to Him too often. Spending time with Him, trusting in Him, relying on Him, working in His strength, inviting Him to work in and through us--things cannot happen this way with other people, because none of us is perfect. We are all flawed, we all make mistakes, mess up, have weaknesses and are not always emotionally available for others.

So I have come to this conclusion: I need to, I have to make the time for my priorities, and my priority needs to be the things that feed my relationship with God. When I take the time, and  give the important things the time and full attention they deserve, I can live life from the inside, with joy and peace. I am able to lay my burdens at Jesus' feet, live each day at a time, not take on too much at one time, and make sure that I am relying on God, who is strong in my weakness. My own strength runs out very quickly, especially when I face challenges.

Forgive me Lord for allowing myself to be caught up in things less important than You. Help me to hold onto the balance I am starting to achieve again maintaining distance from some of the things I have determined through prayer to not be right for me at this time. Help me to continue to follow You and not people, and to keep that straight. Help me to stay in the Word, always putting It before any other book. Help me to keep myself connected to You, and to turn to You before turning to others. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.