Saturday, April 23, 2011

Be Still

We've been running without a direction
We're afraid to get there late
What we need is the strength
To just kneel down and wait

Be still and know he, know he is holy
Be still and know He is God
Love him more dearly, see him more clearly
Be still and know He is God

from "Be Still" by the Steve Taylor and Peter Furler
performed by The Newsboys

It is so hard to be still.  Our society in general seems to run in a fast, hurried pace.  Keeping busy is a great way to deal with problems, or is it?  While it's so important not to dwell on our problems, avoiding them through activity isn't healthy either.  What happens to all those unaddressed thoughts, feelings and worries?   The answer is we stuff them inside.  When we eventually do think about them, how many times do we  choose to lay them at His feet?  How can we really grow closer to God if we don't have our quiet time with Him?  How do we really depend on Him if we're not still enough to hear Him?

We work so hard to do the right things.  We pray unceasingly and ask others to pray for us.  We read the Bible, devotionals, and other inspirational literature.  These are all very important in our walk.  We definitely need to be doing these things.  My question is when we pray for things like peace, strength and answers, how can we receive them if we're not still?  Someone once told me that we need to make our prayers shorter and give equal time to being quiet.  This is very difficult for me, but when I can do it, it works! 

When I had a long drive to work, I used to play the Christian station on the radio and sing along with the songs I knew.  I would also talk to God (when I wasn't on my cell phone-I just told on myself!)  The problem was that so many times, I didn't leave time for an answer.  I believe that hearing a word from God can manifest in moments when you unexpectedly change your mindset or have thoughts and do not know from where they came. I love when I feel peace just wash over me like a spring shower. My wish for you is to feel that calm, inner peace: the peace that knows no understanding.  

For those of you who don't truly have a quiet time, I challenge you to try it.  Even 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

"Be stll and know that I am God."  Psalm 46:10