Thursday, November 4, 2010


Christian Prayer Ideas for Psychiatric Disorders
Manic depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders can be difficult for those diagnosed as well as for the people who love them. The following prayers — prayer after mental health diagnosis, prayer for family of the mentally ill, blessing for the treatment of psychiatric disorder, and thanksgiving for healing of a mental illness — may be used by Christians who are seeking to ask God for guidance and blessings as they struggle with mental illness, either in the self or a friend or loved one.

Prayer After Mental Health Diagnosis

Learning one has depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or another psychiatric disorder is a life-changing event. The following prayer asks God to guide and bless the individual newly diagnosed and his or her family:

"God, be with [insert individual newly diagnosed with mental illness here] as he/she struggling with having [insert psychiatric disorder here]. Free [insert newly diagnosed individual] from negative thoughts or fears about this condition. Instead, help him/her reach out and do what needs to be done for a healthy and happy life. Be with all who love and support [insert newly diagnosed individual], especially [insert names of specific family or friends, if desired], that all might move forward united in You. Amen."

This prayer might be offered to a Christian family or friends after revealing news of a new mental health diagnosis, or to increase support for the newly diagnosed.

Prayer for Family of the Mentally Ill

An episode of mental illness can transform a loved one into a stranger. For the Christian family and friends who grieve the changes in their loved one, this prayer asks God for strength and hope:

God of healing grace, be with those who love [insert name of individual struggling with mental illness]. Let us trust not in the confusion and fear surrounding [insert individual with psychiatric disorder]'s condition, but in Your power and might to return our loved one to us. Remind us of Your love. Help us support [insert individual with mental illness]'s recovery with patience and compassion. In Your loving and precious name, Amen."

Blessing for the Treatment of a Psychiatric Disorder

The treatment of a mental health condition is a long, windy road for many individuals and their loved ones. The following prayer invokes God's blessing in healing a mental illness:
"God of power and might, be with [insert individual struggling with mental illness] as he/she seeks to treat his/her [insert name of psychiatric disorder] with [insert method of treatment]. Guide him/her and those who love him/her on this journey, that all might find healing and peace. Be our light in the darkness, God, and lead the way, now and always. Amen."

Thanksgiving for Healing of a Mental Illness

With medication, therapy, hospitalization, and other interventions, a person diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder can experience healing. The following thanksgiving celebrates a milestone in treatment of a mental health condition:

"God, thank you for healing [insert individual diagnosed with mental health condition] in body, spirit, and mind. We rejoice in [insert specific progress in treating psychiatric disorder]. Please continue to bless and guide [insert individual with mental health condition] and all who love him/her in his/her journey, that more healing and peace may come to those who love [insert person with psychiatric disorder]. Amen."

This prayer might be offered as part of a party or other celebration to mark a milestone in a loved one's mental health such as conclusion of therapy, coming home from the hospital, or finding a medication that eradicates unwanted symptoms.

Mental illness challenges those diagnosed as well as everyone who loves them. For a Christian who believes in prayer, God becomes an added support to those seeking healing in a psychiatric disorder.
by Melissa Roberts, 12/2009