Saturday, August 19, 2017

True Friends

One of the great gifts that God gives us is that of a true friend. God sometimes puts a person in our path that can be a helper to us here on Earth, someone to walk us through the hills and valleys of our journey.. All of our relationships are not true friendships, but the ones that are meaningful are most certainly blessings worthy of special care and thanks.

The qualities of true friendship can be found within prominent friendships found in the Bible. Jonathan loved David as himself and displayed self- sacrifice and unwavering loyalty to him. (1 Samuel 18.) He was able to give him the strength he needed to go on to do the great things he did in Israel. Aaron became Moses' public voice for him as Moses' was afraid of speaking (Exodus 4.) He was a friend who bridged one of Moses' shortcomings.. Elisha found an older, wiser mentor in Elijah and stuck by him (2 Kings.) And when everything went wrong for Ruth and Naomi, instead of doing what would be most beneficial for herself, Ruth stuck with Naomi so she wouldn't be lost and alone (Ruth 1.)  Ruth was loyal, selfless and unconditionally loving.

As I seek  to become more like Jesus through God's word, I am greatly humbled when reading about these model friendships in the Bible. I do know that I have good, Christian friends that stick by me in spite of my own shortcomings! I couldn't be more grateful for that! I love that we help each other through and don't pretend to be something we're not. We admit how we feel and are real with each other. My friends help me to grow and become a better person. I hope and try to do the same for them. I even have had a few friends that I don't see anymore. Not everything is forever, but instead for a season. The love will always be there, and I will always have the gifts they gave me in my heart and my memory.

Thank you Lord for the gift of true friends.