Saturday, February 4, 2017

Where Do You Look For Your Peace?

On whom do you rely? Most people I know would initially say God. Now really think about it. When you need someone, do you go right to a friend, or do you go right to the Lord?

It is easier to go to a friend to fulfill one's needs. Many times a friend will say what one needs to hear, and give us the physical affection that feels so good when we're in need. We can get the instant gratification that we long for. The problem is that we can't rely on people like we can rely on God, in fact people can't even come close. Even the best people are fallible. We're all human with our frailty and weaknesses, with our own needs.

God on the other hand, doesn't change. He isn't human, He is so much more and so much bigger. Sometimes we forget how big He really is. He created everything around us, every single blessing that each of us has was made and formed by Him. Every good thing in us, was created by Him. He knew how many hairs were on our heads before we were born. He is our God of wonders.

So why would we ever rely on anyone but Him? I found myself asking the same question some years ago. I still rely on people to a degree, but now I rely on Him first and foremost. When people let me down, I'm not devastated like I used to be. My God is in control and He carries the weight of the burdens that I lay before him each day. What a relief! When I do that, He gives me a peace that knows no understanding; a peace that cannot be found anywhere else.

I hope and pray that if you don't put Your hope and trust in God already, that You will start. He doesn't break His promises. He is so caring and giving, and He always does what is best for us. He will always be there for you, no matter what. There is nothing like experiencing joy in the midst of the storm. This can happen when God holds us steady and takes our worries from us, it's so amazing! And I would love to see you experience His incredible peace and joy that only He can give. I pray that, for every one of you.