Friday, March 25, 2011


Painting by Rob Northampton
When you swim against the tide
  It's hard to reach the other side
   When you hold onto the hurt
      It makes you sick inside

       Like following a storm
  When you're tired of the rain
      Wounds can never heal
   Until you let go of the pain

     Longing for an apology
     But you're the only one
Who can lay it down before Him
     And have the battle won

     You know forgiveness
  God forgives you every day
     And all he asks of you
Is you forgive in the same way

     Letting go of anger
     Is the dawn of a new day
     God loves us so much
        And there's no price for us to pay

    I was hurt so deeply
       It changed my life in many ways
   I laid it on the altar
  Now I walk away

       Praying for one who caused such pain
      What only Christ could help me do
    The battle's deep inside
    As I let go, He makes me new

     The power of forgiveness
     Shines a light so deep within
     I pray His presence is felt
     That it touches those sins

     The wounds are finally closing
     And the door behind me too
     Love no longer hiding
     As I move on to chapter two

     The rainbow after the storm
     Such brilliant shades and hues
    The clouds are moving aside
     As the sun comes shining through