Friday, January 14, 2011

The Half Full Cup

It breaks my heart to see the shame that people with a mental illness seem to always carry.  It's always there is some shape or form, like a dark cloud hovering over one's head.  We are all children of God, made in his image; that must make each one of us special.  Loved ones seem to carry the same shame.  People with mental illness were created with the genes to have it, just as gender and race are determined by our genes; just as those born with the gene for diabetes or a weak heart, there is no fault here.

THERE IS NO FAULT HERE!  Sometimes we all need that reminder.  People with a mental illness do not have to be defined by it; nor do family or friends have to be defined by their loved one's illness.  We may be in a minority, but we can choose the half full cup, rather than the half empty cup.  Today, try looking at the positive in you as a result of your experiences. For some, it is a new found compassion or wisdom.  For others, it may be a new way of experiencing true faith.  Where there is pain, growth usually follows.  How have you grown through this? How has this changed you in a positive way?  Just a few things to ponder...

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