Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sometimes it takes just one simple but thought provoking sentence to change your perspective.  Three days ago, that happened for me, and this sentence has stuck with me ever since.  The sentence was, "If all you had today was everything you thanked God for yesterday, how much would you have?"  What this question made me think about was all the things that I don't think to thank God for.  There is much that I tend to take for granted that many do not have.  I believe, that if I were to make a list of everything there was to be grateful for, it would take a very long time to finish it.

Isn't it funny how sometimes, when we need it most, we hear or see the very thing we need right at that time?  I have had multiple issues to deal with recently that have been very difficult, and are not going to resolve overnight.  When my mind fully embraces gratitude, it gives me strength and peace.  It's like a finding a bright, warm flame in the darkness. Everything I have and all I am are from God. They are His to give and His to take away; it's so easy to forget that.  Every morning, I am now taking a few minutes to embrace my blessings, and it seems to be making life easier to deal with and to be changing how I view everything..

Thank you Lord, for all You are, for all You have made of me, and all you have given to me.  Thank you for embracing me with Your incredible love. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


Susan Deborah said...

True Kim. We don't pause and give thanks. We are too caught up when life is passing by. I do take time for gratitude everyday but sometimes it just slips from my mind.

Joy always,

Kimly B said...

Thanks for stopping by Susan. Joy to you as well!

Savira Gupta said...

Our lives are on the fast track... it took me a while to realize this. The day I stopped and decided to move into the slow lane... my perspective changed.

Take care

Roy Durham said...

when we say thank you we know we are loved god bless

Kimly B said...

@Savira- I hear you loud and clear, I didn't realize how I even got in the fast lane, but yes when you slow down and take time, what a difference-life is so much better. @Roy- I agree, that is so true and it never hurts to be reminded. Thanks for stopping by y'all and God bless.

Jessica Mokrzycki said...

Have you ever read Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts? IF you haven't you might want to! It was great!In fact, so great, this is the second time I'm mentioning it today! :) You can read my review here if you're interested:

She started, because of a dare from a friend, on a journey to writing down one thousand gifts or blessings. Blessings in everyday moments. It really transformed her perspective towards life, making it much more positive.

In it she writes "Gratitude always precedes the miracle." It shows this in scripture and also from experience. So true!

Kimly B said...

Hi Jessica! That sounds like a great book and it is so awesome when we are able to see that blessings in everyday moments, which for many of us are usually when things are going wrong. I never thought of it that way, but it does seem that God gets us into a certain place before we see incredible things happen. Thanks for stopping by,God bless!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

I prayed the prayer you left at the bottom of this post with you. For all He has made of us, for all He gives us, may we always give thanks and praise! For all He is, mindful and caring for us, as miniscule as we may be, may we always be grateful for His mighty voice which contains the universe and, yet, speaks intimately to our hearts.

Who can fathom such a miracle? Such depth and breadth of love? I know I can't, but am so thankful for the glimpses of eternity He provides.

May God's blessings surround you!

Dangerous Linda said...

I love this: "If all you had today was everything you thanked God for yesterday, how much would you have?"

It made me stop and think. I would still have my boyfriend. And my piece of mind. And my car. I specifically remember being thankful for those yesterday.

But, my next breath? I do not remember being thankful for that...

Thank YOU for the reminder. There's always more to be thankful for!

Kimly B said...

@Martha J.M.-Thank you for the response- He is so amazing,and thank you for praying that prayer with me. @Dangerous Linda- I was so thankful for that sentence I saw and the reminder it gave me, that I wanted to share it. Thanks for stopping by, I'm thankful that y'all did!