Saturday, May 13, 2017

He Knows

"If only they knew"-- how many times have we asked ourselves this question? If only people could see what we go through, what goes on inside of us, who we really are.

Yes, a profound statement; but how many times do we all feel misunderstood, especially when we live with something that may set us apart from others? When we go to church, or to work people know us by what we let them see and by what they perceive. How difficult that can sometimes be.

If they did know, what would happen? Anyone who has been hurt becomes protective of themselves each time they go through another hurt. I know I can become self condemning enough- I don't need any help. So there are only a few that get to see past the surface. And although I am pretty "what you see is what you get," there aren't very many that get to see the daily struggles that I go through and the pain that I deal with.

There is One who is always safe. We don't have to worry about how He will perceive us. Amazingly He already knows what we are going through, who we are, all the down to the core. He knows every joy, every sorrow-- every doubt, every single feeling and thought that each of us has, He knows. Even though He created everything around us, and has so many to care for, He gives each one of us this much attention, this much love! We are His sacred and treasured creations, his very own children, and He loves us as our perfect Father and our most cherished friend!

The most beautiful part is that we are loved deeply for who we are, exactly as we are, right now!

As one who grew up believing that I wasn't good enough, when I finally realized that Jesus took care of that and that I am loved fully and unconditionally, it changed my life. He knows-- and it's okay! I don't have to be perfect or even close, I am loved anyway. I am accepted, and I will never be condemned. For me, that is a game changer. It's okay that there are people who don't understand and don't get me, because He does and that means everything!

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