Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Will Rest In You

Sometimes I am so tired, and sometimes I am soul tired; weary of life and all that it entails. It feels like day rolls into night-- light fades into darkness with still so much unresolved and not yet done. The load grows heavier and anxiety deepens, the air grows heavy. After a while I realize yet again that I tried to do it on my own and wore myself down. You see Lord, I know I can't do life without you, and yet somehow, I find that I have taken the load back again. Unintentionally, subconsciously, I take back what I had laid at your feet. I need to lay it down once more. I need to have my soul replenished and my burdens lifted. I know there is only one place to find true rest and that is in you sweet Jesus.

When things pile up Lord, it can be overwhelming, especially when illness is active too. In the thick of it all, sometimes I just need to stop, breathe and be. I know that when it is all too much Lord, your peace will overcome. 
I may not be able to see more than what is right in front of me, but no matter where I am, you are with me, and that is all I need. Thank you Jesus that you never change yet you change everything! In you I find the kind of rest I have never had before

And so I will trust in you and I will rest in you. 

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