Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Light Side of The Moon

We just had a momentous occasion- a solar eclipse.  When a solar eclipse occurs, the moon crosses between the earth and the sun and actually covers the sun for a short while. When that happens, everything looks different. The sun is covered, completely for a few minutes, and everything looks dark. The sun is still there but it is covered up. What we can't see changes how everything looks. 

That can happen in our faith lives. Isn't it true that real faith is believing in what we can't see? That isn't hard when things are going well and the way that we want them to. What about when the future is unknown? What about those times when we feel like we're on hold and just waiting? And what about when the storms in life don't seem to end?

Faith can be worn down pretty quickly when we aren't letting God do soul work in us. It is in our weakness that He is strongest. In fact, it is in the hard, uncertain times that He will do the most work in us but we first have to invite Him in. Instead of grappling for how to gain control of one's situation, we need to seek the power and wisdom of the the great I Am. The more willing I am to let go and let Him, the more I can perceive to just believe and know that the sun is still there. Even if I can't see it, even if it's not shining, the sun will shine again for me. 

With God's strength, power and wisdom, all things are possible. When I am in Him, and not in my own limited strength, I can see more clearly and be renewed daily. Thank You Jesus.

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see it
Well because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

~ Jeremy Camp
I Will Walk By Faith

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