Saturday, January 13, 2018


The cotton clouds, the citrine sun
Flowers bloom in every hue
The brilliant sunset when day is done
The ocean ripples in green and blue

The joy a baby's coo can bring

Chuckling at sweet things they do
The promise of the buds of spring
When old is gone and so much is new

In all of these God I see you

The summer breeze blows through my hair

The morning sun, it warms my skin
Fresh, calming rain cools the air
And gently touches my chin

Lord I feel you everywhere

The storms brings us the rainbows

The flowers need the rain
Sometimes the climb is steep
As we travel through the pain

My beautiful Creator

Lord I see You, I feel You
You are always with me
And you always bring me through

Kimberly Burnette, 1/2018

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