Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Gift of Thanksgiving and Praise

Throughout the Bible we are told not only to unceasingly pray and thank God repeatedly, but also to praise Him. In many instances, we hear thanks and praise used together. I have been learning what a difference it makes in my life to not only thank God for all He has done and all He is doing, but also to praise Him.

When I get up in the morning, before my feet hit the floor, I greet the Lord and thank Him for at least three things. I got into this habit when I was having a difficult time. Doing this in the morning sets a more positive tone to my day. It always makes me realize how much God does for me no matter how bad things are at the time. It helps me to focus on the right things. When we thank God, we look at the many things He has done for us and it does put things in perspective. So if that's true, why do we need to praise Him too?

Praising God not only acknowledges what He does but also who He is. It puts the focus on Him and brings us into His presence. When we are in His presence to that degree, we are protected from the enemy. When we put Him into focus so fully and praise Him we also are building our faith and becoming stronger. This really is true. You are filling your mind, spirit and heart with the living God and you will be blessed for that. You will also feel and experience the blessing of that. It is truly a gift. Let us pray:

Thank You Lord, for all of the incredible things You have done for me and continue to do for me, and for the ways you continually bless me. I praise You, worship You and honor You my sovereign God, the Great I am. Your love is higher than the mountains and deeper than the oceans, thank You for loving me with that love. Thank You for the sacrifice You made for me and for the protection You give my loved ones and I. Thank You for the mercy and grace that I walk in each day and for the faithfulness that You show me. I am a child of the Most High and I honor You and cherish You as my King. Help me to have a thankful heart every day, and to reflect to others the love You show me. You know my heart Lord, You know my burdens and I continue to trust You with them. I lay it all down again and ask for Your peace once more. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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